May 2021

In spite of winter

The dress was supposed to stay in the wardrobe until spring, but the time has come for a slightly more elegant set. Its nude shade is very flattering and goes well with the black coat and tights. I am starting to think that suede ankle boots will also match my jeans. A warm hood and gloves have a warming function for the set and its content (i.e. me).

A set for a rainy day, captured in photos before the cold winter. My rain boots turned out to be perfect for everyday walks, not only on the beach or in the woods, but also on snowy roads and sidewalks (when the temperature did not drop too much below zero).

In search of murals

Simple and classic look: wearing jeans and a white shirt, while walking around Warsaw’s Praga district. In the background, a fragment of a mural at 24 Strzelecka Street, showing a bird’s-eye view of the former market.

Can fashion be vegan?

When I started to create this blog, my friends asked me whether I would write about veganism being in fashion. The reason is that veganism still seems to be mainly associated with vegan diet. And yet fashion can be vegan, that is, devoid of animal derived products.