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The blog’s name was inspired by its creator, Anna M. Potrzeszcz. A source of interest for anyone Anna introduces herself to, ‘potrzeszcz’ (pronounced ‘po-tshe-sh-ch’) is Polish for corn bunting, a farmland bird that has weaved its way through her life. Accompanying her through her Hispanic and Polish studies in Warsaw and Barcelona, and lately in her work in translation industry.

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Minimum about minimalism

It seems easier to define what minimalism is not than what it really is. It can be taken as a starting point, a blank sheet of paper where it all begins. The designer can come back to it to redefine their ... More

Fashion and identity

Fashion choices reflect what we know and think about ourselves at a given moment. I emphasize this temporariness because we are constantly learning, maturing. Besides, our lifestyle and needs are changing as well. We ... More

Can fashion be vegan?

When I started to create this blog, my friends asked me whether I would write about veganism being in fashion. The reason is that veganism still seems to be mainly associated with vegan diet. And yet fashion can be ... More


„Unusual steps”

Izabella Krzysiek, a shoe designer (who designs vegan shoes as well), tells me about her creative work

At first, when I looked at the tag of my brown shoes, I thought they were made by two people: Iza and Krzysiek. Only later did I find out that it was your first and last name.
Yes, exactly, that’s my first and last name. My name has double „l”, which is not typical, and my last name looks like a boy’s name haha, but I don’t mind. In the past, Polish surnames used to be created from names. Just to give you another example of this phenomenon’s popularity, Mr and Mrs Grzegorz and Mr and Mrs Jurek live nearby in my village.

(...) More


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