Izabella Krzysiek, a shoe designer (who designs vegan shoes as well), tells me about her creative work

At first, when I looked at the tag of my brown shoes, I thought they were made by two people: Iza and Krzysiek. Only later did I find out that it was your first and last name.
Yes, exactly, that’s my first and last name. My name has double „l”, which is not typical, and my last name looks like a boy’s name haha, but I don’t mind. In the past, Polish surnames used to be created from names. Just to give you another example of this phenomenon’s popularity, Mr and Mrs Grzegorz and Mr and Mrs Jurek live nearby in my village.

Where is it?
I live and work in the village of Stanisław Górny. This area was famous for its production of footwear. I remember the times of my childhood, when shoes or its components were produced almost at every home. My dad was fascinated by horses and started his own company producing horse riding equipment, mainly equestrian shoes. Hence, I have a place where I can work on my projects.

Do you have any childhood memories related to shoe-making process?
As children, we helped our parents with small jobs, such as turning the uppers inside out or assembling and gluing them. When it comes to my first projects, it was sewing clothes for dolls, making collages or, in high school, reworking and custom sewing clothes at dressmakers.

What did you study later on?
Fashion Design at Krakowskie Szkoły Artystyczne. Obviously, I have always been surrounded by our family business, where I could experiment whenever I wanted to. However, my goal has always been to create my own brand and non-commercial projects. I have pursued that goal persistently.

And you have managed to achieve it.
Yes, each time I design with more joy and ease. The first shoes that I created, were inspired by vegan sensitivity. I am still very proud of them. I would love to create as many vegan projects as possible.

How are your shoes made?
It is amazing to be able to design shoes and, on top of that, to do it according to my own sensitivity. What’s more, I can just wear the shoes. I have probably fifteen pairs of them. My favorites ones are the vegan black punk ones. It’s the very first model, the studded ones. I have an endless fun in coming up with new models, choosing colors, imagining the best solutions. Besides, I have wonderful and understanding employees who help me with technical matters. I’m lucky because designing and making my shoes is really a great fun. I wish a lot of fun to myself and to all young designers, because while having fun we probably do the best things and projects.